Knife in the coffee Animated Rainbow Nyan Cat
---> about me!

hello! my name is sydney (or jade), i use he/him pronouns.

i made this website with the intent of having a space for my art and interests, i also hate how modern socialmedia works, this website is still being worked on and if things are broken or missing im sorry that'll be a bit. i named this site after a car seat headrest song. if u have questions my tumblr is grosskitt3n message me there.

i like: falsettos, car seat headrest, one trait danger, homestuck, pigeons, my chemical romance, camp here and there, the stanley parable, cats, my little pony (bronies die), queer history (cool shit not flag discourse), pokemon, kandi, and theater

i am autsitic and probably have Other things up with me. errm i'm a prospit maid of life, i am a esfp (i dont fucking know what esfp means if you talk to me about it i will kill you my boy bff told me im that) i call myself a zombie or a cat sometimes its the autisim getting to me i cant help being a silly zombie kitty cat

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